Maintenance Services

We make every attempt to address maintenance requests in a timely manner. However, emergency issues must be given priority over non-emergency requests. For your reference, here is a brief list of what is considered routine maintenance issues vs. emergency maintenance issues.

Emergency Maintenance

  • Security or Health Hazard
  • Heat not functioning
  • Water flooding
  • Electrical outlet smoking/sparking

Non-Emergency Maintenance

  • Lost key, or locked out
  • Leaky faucet
  • A/C not functioning

Extreme Scenarios

Always call 911 first for all major emergencies including: burglary or vandalism, fire, criminal activity on the premises. After reporting the emergency to 911, call your property manager to report the issue.

Routine Maintenance that should be handled by residents

  •  Changing light bulbs
  • Plunging clogged toilets/sinks/tubs
  • Replacing batteries in smoke detectors
  • Resetting garbage disposals
  • Flipping breakers/replacing fuses
  • Replacing furnace filters every 2 months

How to report a maintenance issue

To report any maintenance issues, both emergency and non-emergency, please call the maintenance contact center at 434-817-1674 and report the issue to one of the operators. Please provide the operator with detailed information-specify the exact location of the issue, how long it has occurred, and what measures you have taken (if any) to fix it. The operator will submit the work order to the maintenance department. If it is an emergency, the on-call technician will be contacted immediately and call you back. Please provide the operator with a good contact number so that the on-call technician can reach you right away.

For non-emergency related emergencies, please login to your tenant portal or get started below: